Graphic Design Orders

  • While placing an order, the Customer must clearly specify his/her requirement so that we clearly know the criteria on which design should be created and finalized. Once details are provided by the Customer, he/she cannot change the requirement scope completely.
  • Designs will be transferred/delivered to the Customer in accordance with the obligations set out in the User Agreement.
  • Modification Rounds for changes in the designs will be provided to the Customers as per the package or offer selected by the Customer. Customers at their discretion may purchase additional Modification Rounds/additional services.
  • A Customer will get perpetual, exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the Sold Designs for Permitted Commercial Purposes. A Customer has no rights or licenses to use any Delivered Design concept or any design concepts being displayed on prodesigns other than Final Design for the particular order.
  • If the Customer holds any Intellectual Property Rights of a third party and wish to incorporate into the designs, then Customer shall disclose the same while placing the order itself or immediately after placing the order and all further responsibilities of Intellectual Property Rights of the third party in the Delivered Designs shall be of the Customer.
  • Customer will be deemed to have accepted the designs unless Customer provides notice of rejection to ProDesigns within 14 days of delivery of the designs.
  • shall display the Delivered Designs as their portfolio or can use for marketing and promotion purposes, along with other required details, as ProDesigns retains the right to use all delivered works and details provided by the Customer for the order. If the Customer does not wish to display the same, it has to be notified in prior or can ask us to remove the same by sending an email on